Theft – Table of Contents

Editor’s Note Fiction Nonfiction Poetry Zombies Art
POETRY Sally Ball – Why Don’t We Steal Away
POETRY Lana Bella – A Spiccato Dark
FICTION Benyamin (Translated by Shahnaz Habib) – The City
NONFICTION Joanna Brichetto – Nature of the Material
POETRY Lauren Camp – Quench § From the Uvula to the Soft Palate
FICTION Tessa Cheek – The Devil’s Terrible Nearness
POETRY Avra Elliott – He Whispered Dead Outside
GRAPHIC-ESSAY Kelcey Parker Ervick – no other story in the world was more authentic
POETRY Tahel Frosh (Translated by Yosefa Raz) – This Is What Happened § My Father, His Daughter
POETRY Steve Gehrke – ANAGRAM § Vigil
POETRY Anne Gorrick – The Snow
FICTION Bracha Hermon – Garbage Duty
FICTION Patrick Holloway – The Pear Tree
POETRY W. Todd Kaneko – Teenage Wasteland
FICTION Taylor Kobran – Inheritance
POETRY Admiel Kosman (Translated by Lisa Katz) – Dictate to me, Dahlia
NONFICTION Bob Kunzinger – That Which We Are
POETRY Mercedes Lawry – “an insatiable appetite for denim”
POETRY Martial (Translated by George Held) – Two Epigrams
POETRY Kelly Nelson – Confessing § Owning Up
POETRY Moyosore Orimoloye – Araromi
POETRY Simon Perchik – Five Poems
POETRY Craig Santos Perez – Memorial Day in the Pacific, 2016
POETRY Alicia Jo Rabins – The Cup at the Side of the Bed § Goodbye to the One I Was
NONFICTION Shoshana Sarah – Fiction
FICTION Susan Segal – Aiaigasa
POETRY Haley Hemenway Sledge – Wiltseed § my mother’s rainstorm
NONFICTION Yokim Snow – A Diet of 3000 Years
POETRY Marius Surleac – dilemma
POETRY Tse Hao Guang – A Guide to the Extirpated Birds of Singapore
FICTION Joe Worthen – Allison Vast in the Immediate City
POETRY Marva Zohar – from marginalized notes on silence/suicide/violence
ZOMBIES The Zombie Poetry Project