Submissions to The Ilanot Review

The theme of our Winter 2017 edition is:


The submission period for PICTURES ended on September 30.

Thanks to all who submitted!


This time we’re looking for the connection between the text and the visual: Comics, graphic stories, photo essays, illustrated and visual poetry, and ekphrastic pieces are very welcome.

Guest Graphics Editor: Franky Frances Cannon

Guest Poetry Editor: Sarah Wetzel

We invite submissions in the following categories. One submission per category, and if you’ve been published in the current issue, please hold off an issue before re-submitting.

Graphics: In this issue, graphics are taking center stage. Send us your comics, paintings, photos, photo essays, graphic poetry/prose. Up to six files per submitter.

Poetry: Up to four poems – Please submit all work + bio in a single Word file. Submit up to four poems, with one poem per page. Please include your name and contact information on each page.

“Long” Short Fiction – A short story up to 4000 words long.

Flash Fiction – A short story up to 1000 words long. You may include up to 3 flash pieces (each <1000 words) in a single submission.

Creative Nonfiction: We prefer work that is less than 3000 words long.

Cover Art: Up to six images per submitter



We welcome work that challenges conventions of form, style and content.

We are happy to consider translations of original work, providing the translator has obtained permission from the author. Be sure to include the original poem/story in Word format.

  • We only consider work that has not been previously published. This includes internet venues, blogs and self published work.
  • Please include a short bio (50 -75 words) with your submission.
  • We will consider simultaneous submissions but ask that you retract your work immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • If your work appears in our current issue, we kindly ask that you refrain from submitting to our upcoming issue.
  • We retain first serial rights. At the time of publication, all rights revert back to the author. However, The Ilanot Review retains the right to publish the piece(s) in any subsequent issue or anthology, whether in print or online. Should you decide to republish the piece elsewhere, we ask that you cite The Ilanot Review as a place of previous publication and provide our web address.

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