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POETRY Deborah Bacharach – Rimbaud on Guard at the Door of Sleep
POETRY Hadara Bar-Nadav – Chest § Stroke
FICTION Slava Bart – Closed Worlds
POETRY Emma Bolden – Are We Our Asking § Corrections
POETRY Laynie Browne – Acta Diurna
VISUAL-POEMS S Cearley – thus by means of a letter § distraction and sympathy
FICTION Jon Morgan Davies – Index to a Relationship
POETRY Carol V. Davis – This Is Where We Stand
POETRY Natalie Fisher – Major Roger’s Standing Orders
ARTWORK Allen Forrest – Real Characters, Social Event
POETRY Bernadette Geyer – Acrostic: Dolores
FICTION Jason Graff – Outwitting the Wizard
NONFICTION Gillian Haines – Prison Bras
VISUAL-POEMS Gary Heidt – Visually Constrained Poems
POETRY Jeff Hoffman – Brigadoon
POETRY Ross Howerton – How Moos the Honey
POETRY Jason Jones – In the Eleventh Eon an Angel Will Come to Sing Your Blues Away
FICTION Jacqueline Kharouf – Reflections in the Water
POETRY Hezy Leskly (Translated by Adriana X. Jacobs) – The § Reuben and I
POETRY Anne Marie Macari – Come Life
NONFICTION Jenny McBride – Alaska Ziplines
POETRY George McKim – Cento – farewell, my kin, my mother’s children
POETRY Laurel Milburn – Toxicological Investigation for Missing Home
POETRY Vítězslav Nezval (Translated by Stephan Delbos and Tereza Novická) – The Roofer
FICTION Meir Simchah Panzer – Foxtails
POETRY Michelle Perez – Restraining Order
POETRY Yosefa Raz – Rate of Exchange
FICTION Melissa Reddish – All the Things We Have in Common
POETRY Monica Rico – One Shotgun Shell through the Back
POETRY Jessica Roeder – Abstraction and the Road Trip § Morning Letter
FICTION Kathleen Rooney – La Page Blanche & Georgette (Affiche)
FICTION Pamela Ryder – Alternatives to Interment
POETRY Patty Seyburn – The Burden of Dumah
POETRY Ryan Sharp – From my imaginary old man
POETRY Martijn Teerlinck (Translated by Simone Korkus) – Song § Breath Prayer
POETRY Maria Terrone – The Cage
POETRY Valerie Wallace – Dream of Nature § Haute Couture
POETRY Benjamin Winkler – XXIV § XXV
POETRY Shira Wolosky – Limerick Poetics
INTERVIEW Jenny Boully, Interviewed by Anthony Michael Morena