Come Life

Anne Marie Macari


A grain of sand in my womb
rubbed and grew in me, pearl

of hair and bone, inkling
of spine     Like a swollen moon

I phased, I phased till full,
till a child revealed himself

outside the diamond hold
Come life, closer, through

the orchard zone, from rooms
of otherness     from wider

wide than wide     Jellied
seeds in corners, odors

of the void, enter when
our backs are turned

nesting in our blood


Anne Marie Macari - headshotAnne Marie Macari is the author of four books of poetry including Red Deer (Persea, 2015), She Heads Into the Wilderness (Autumn House, 2008), and Gloryland (Alice James, 2005). Her first book, Ivory Cradle, was chosen by Robert Creeley for the APR/Honickman first book prize. Macari’s poetry and prose have been widely published in magazines such as The Iowa Review, The American Poetry Review, and Field. She teaches in the Drew University MFA Program.



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