Earth: Table of Contents

Editor’s Note Poetry Fiction Nonfiction Art Interview


POETRY Yan An (trans. Chen Du & Xisheng Chen) – Two Poems
POETRY William S. Barnes – Two Poems
POETRY Jenny Browne – From I Am Trying to Love the Whole World (with art by Lawrence Bridges)
POETRY Ryan Clark – A Slab Is Confidential
FICTION Katie Coleman – Malediction
POETRY Will Cordeiro – Two Poems
POETRY Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach – Two Poems
FICTION Eleri Denham – when you are trapped in the neon city
POETRY Robert Detman – Navigation
POETRY Terri Drake – Absence
POETRY Jennifer Franklin – Nietzsche
POETRY Cal Freeman – The Ancient Beach Ridges of Dearborn, Michigan
POETRY Ann Hudson – Two Poems
ART Alex Hutton – Constellating
FICTION Overcomer Ibiteye – Fleeing and Floating ♦ (with art by Igor Zusev)
POETRY Joshua Jones – Causes and Conditions
FICTION Angela Joynes – The Sea Apprenticed the Woman in Me
POETRY Kasey Jueds – Two Poems
POETRY Rube K’ulej (trans. Kiran Bhat) – Two Poems
POETRY R.J. Lambert – Nostradamus in the Original French
CNF Edmée Lepercq – Figs
CNF Alexis Macnab – Daily Forecast: Mistpouffer
CNF Annie Marhefka – Flying into Chicago at Sunset (with art by Frea Wooten)
VISUAL-POEM Anne McGrath – The Eye of Shakespeare
POETRY Henri Meschonnic (trans. Gabriella Bedetti & Don Boes) – Three Poems
POETRY Yehoshua November – The Infinitely Tall Rabbi Lectures on Recreation Ex Nihilo Via Divine Speech
POETRY Richard Oyama – What I do not think
POETRY Antonia Pozzi (trans. Amy Newman) – Three Poems
CNF Sarah Sassoon – Once There Was a Babylonian Village
POETRY Heidi Seaborn – noon+midnight ♦ (with art by Jiesha Stephens)
POETRY Martha Silano – Nature Never Needs Recharging ♦ (with art by Serge Lecomte)
FICTION Cheryl Snell – Worn
POETRY Alina Stefanescu – [sky in the other language] ♦ (with art by Maroula Blades)
MANIFESTO Martin Vopěnka (trans. Kristýna Adámková) – A Transient Age Manifesto
POETRY Annie Wenstrup – Two Poems
POETRY Nancy White – Saplings ♦ (with art by Linda Briskin)
CNF Kirby Michael Wright – The Koa Warriors
ART Robin Young – The Collective
FICTION Zhu Yue (trans. Jianan Qian & Alyssa Asquith) – Eyes ♦ (with art by Matthew Leaman)
INTERVIEW Twelve Years of Black Nature: Camille T. Dungy (interviewed by Marcela Sulak)