Image: “Winter Hummingbirds” by Matthew Leaman

Artist’s Statement: During a deep freeze and snowstorm in Seattle, WA this winter, our resident Anna’s Hummingbirds needed some extra help to stay healthy. I had 2 feeders with Christmas lights attached to keep them from freezing, plus 2 other feeders that I brought inside at night and put back out in the morning to keep them unfrozen. This male hangs out at one of my feeders, and was out looking beautiful during the snowfall.


Matthew Leaman‘s happy place is out in nature; enjoying the landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife that is all around us. Through photography, I want to share my experiences with others to spread an awareness of and appreciation for the world we inhabit. When I’m out photographing and otherwise adventuring, I always try my best to reduce my impact on the environment and wildlife, practicing ethical principles, such as Be Whale Wise, Keep Wildlife Wild, and Ethical Birding.



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