Cheryl Snell


There are humid evenings in your eyes but no more stars. If I could get to the places you have banned me from I would first look in the closet of your boyhood, where you kept your sandals. The crisscross of leather goaded you forward on your tender feet, dragging the scent of blossoms and the chill of rain behind you. Those shoes carried you away from the old familiar and toward all your new beginnings, so on the night I bring them out to examine the worn parts, you take them from me and cradle them in your own hands.  It’s not too late to fix these, you say. They’ve got a few more miles in them, right?


Cheryl Snell’s books include poetry collections from Finishing Line, Pudding House, Moira Books and other publishers. Her novels, Shiva’s Arms, Rescuing Ranu, and Kalpavrksha, make up the series Bombay Trilogy. Her work has been widely published and anthologized over the past twenty years, most recently appearing in One Art, Trouvaille Review, Bombfire Lit, The Ekphrastic Review, One Sentence Poems and elsewhere.



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