Nostradamus in the Original French

R.J. Lambert


So much meaning argued over.
Which right’s right?  What wrongs
may still test true?  Darwin’s doomed
finches & stooping fruits assert
what meaning they don’t lack.
Who, today, can augur more than that,
let alone which future fumbles forth?
In the darkness, once, a voice
for whom the world was no preoccupation
uttered.  Dreams do docket lessons,
see recessions of the natural order
down from sapiens, down from apes.
Soon we see the boneless fish & soon
only the swimming waters.  Soon
the earth’s entrenched with elements.


R.J. Lambert’s (he, him, his) debut poetry collection, Mind Lit in Neon, is newly available from Finishing Line Press. He was chosen by Kaveh Akbar to receive the 2021 Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry from New Letters and was nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize by The Worcester Review. Other poems are soon to appear in Crab Creek ReviewCutBank: All Accounts and Mixturepeculiar, and the anthology Without a Doubt (NYQ Press). R.J. teaches science writing and health communication at the Medical University of South Carolina. Find him at and on Twitter @SoyRJ.



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