Ephemera(l): Table of Contents

Editors’ Notes Poetry Fiction Nonfiction Art Round Table


POETRY Pichchenda Bao – Two Poems
POETRY Deborah Bernhardt – Three Poems
FICTION Wendy BooydeGraaff – Where She Stores Her Day
PHOTOS Roger Camp – Three Photos
POETRY Susanna Childress – Three Prose Poems
CNF Susan Daitch – Undercover
POETRY Ja’net Danielo – Deer Park
GRAPHICS Rachel Deutsch – The Marvelous Life of Wolf Woman
POETRY Ann Fisher-Wirth – Two Poems
POETRY Anna Glazova (trans. Alex Niemi) – Two Poems
POETRY Robin Gow – Three Poems
CNF Jo Goren – Instructions for Visiting Our State’s Correction Facility
FICTION Taylor Leigh Harper – In the Garden Again
FICTION Jennifer Harvey – Green
POETRY Paul Hostovsky – Two Poems
POETRY Tiffany Hsieh – Three Poems
POETRY J.I.B – Matt Lauer, 2005/ Why I Learned to Stop Sleeping
POETRY Patricia Spears Jones – Lee Breuer dies I clean my stove top
POETRY James Ph. Kotsybar – Quantum Melody
ART Serge Lecomte – Three Paintings
POETRY Róger Lindo (trans. Matthew Byrne) – XXVIII
POETRY June Lin – The Magnificent Bird of Paradise
POETRY Linda Malnack – Epistles for a Winter Cleaning
POETRY Julio Maruri (trans. Seth Laninga) – Three Poems
FICTION Anneli Matheson – Heartwork
FICTION Fiona Murphy McCormack – Hiraeth
POETRY Tomáš Míka (trans. Tomáš Míka & James Hopkin)  – Be Well
PHOTO-ESSAY Younes Mohammad – Open Wounds: Portraits of Peshmerga
FICTION Chris Neilan – \teenage actress\
POETRY Carolyn Oliver – Two Poems
POETRY Jemma Leigh Roe – At the Way Station
POETRY Steven Salmoni – Two Poems
POETRY Tina Schumann – Two Poems
POETRY Patty Seyburn – Dawn 101
POETRY Jake Sheff – We Install a Sump Pump on (What Used To Be) a Holiday (Take 5)
FICTION Molly Sturdevant – The Bench at Zehlendorf Station
CNF Jill Talbot – A Current
POETRY Zoë Ryder White – Two Poems
CNF Bobby Wilson – The Donut Odyssey
POETRY Haley Wooning – Untitled
FICTION Janet Jiahui Wu – Where Did the Hours Go?
ROUND-TABLE On Ephemerality and Documentation: A Round Table with Romarilyn Ralston, Philip J. Metres, Erika Meitner, Octavio Quintanilla, Tess Taylor, and Susan Briante