At the Way Station

Jemma Leigh Roe


—————————-you and I meet.

Our minds——cast in the same god’s furnace
and shaped in the same mold

pause in the void between lives,
———————————————–speaking silently.

————————————–Babel for the rabble,
clattering tongues fill the disaffected universe with noise.

You and I reach———-one toward the other,
—————————————but we reach in the same direction.

There are no bones here, but we carry our notebooks,
———-iced teas, and heart murmurs.

Reading to each other through a stream of molten ore,

———-we laugh and cry and laugh again.

————————————–We had been telepathic after all.

Though we might never have been forgotten,
—————————–it is greater to be found.


Jemma Leigh Roe studied art at the Université Paris-Sorbonne and received a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Princeton University. Her poems and artwork are featured in The Ilanot ReviewLiterary NorthCanyon VoicesFeral: A Journal of Poetry and ArtYoung Ravens Literary Review, and others.



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