Toxic: Table of Contents

Editor’s Note Poetry Fiction Nonfiction Interview Art


POETRY Gale Acuff – Two Poems
POETRY Betsy Andrews – From Crowded
POETRY Jake Bailey – Hallucinatory Experiment No. 8
NONFICTION Sam Bickford – Perfunctory and Bottomless
FICTION Wendy BooydeGraaff – Ornamental Scarves
ART/POETRY Despy Boutris – Collages § First Love
POETRY Jaewon Chang – The Forecaster’s Daughter
POETRY Cole Depuy – Two Poems
FICTION M. M. De Voe (illustration by Edita Suchockytė) – Needs Milk
POETRY Dante Di Stefano – Poem for My Daughter on Amazon Prime Day 2019
POETRY Aaron Deutsch – Two Poems
FICTION Matt Dube – Galum
POETRY Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – Dream Poem of Mother Over and Above Her Kitchen-Skill Capacity
FICTION Margaret Erhart – Insult
POETRY George Franklin – Ghazal of Puebla
NONFICTION Melissa Grunow – Spheksophobia: The Fear of Wasps
POETRY Yoni Hammer-Kossoy – Disappearing ABCs
POETRY Elizabeth Hughey – Three Poems
NONFICTION Jeremy Husserl – Portland in February
POETRY Aimee Lowenstern – The Complete Fairy Tales
POETRY Erika Luckert – Promession
FICTION Peace Mbengei – Masked
ART Jason R. Montgomery – Three Images
POETRY Kathryn Nuernberger – Three Poems
POETRY Salawu Olajide – Hypochondria
POETRY Philip Pardi – Two Poems
FICTION Mandira Pattnaik – Swamp
FRONTEXTO Octavio Quintanilla – From Los días oscuras #42
POETRY Suzanne S. Rancourt – Bastet
POETRY JR Rhine – Terrarium
FICTION Abbigail N. Rosewood – Hour-Glass
POETRY Sasha Steensen – Two Poems
FICTION Samantha Steiner – Eye Drops
VISUAL-POETRY Sara Tack – This Is What Eviction Looks Like
POETRY Ayşe Tekşen – If Nothing, Then Birds
POETRY Maria Terrone – Two Poems
POETRY David van den Berg – Two Poems
VISUAL-POETRY Nance Van Winckel – Four Visual Poems
FICTION Tom Williamson – The Only Medicine that Works
POETRY Kristin Camitta Zimet – Body Counts
INTERVIEW Alicia Jo Rabins, interviewed by Anthony Michael Morena