The Complete Fairy Tales

Aimee Lowenstern


Yes I am the witch and yes I am the poison and yes I am the prince and princess too. Yes I am the Brothers Grimm, yes I speak of blood. Yes I wipe it all off and call myself Disney. Yes, it’s all true. Even the magic? Especially the magic. Especially the dresses made of stars, and the birds who peck out eyes at my command. You don’t need magic for that, but magic is best at its most subtle, most useless, something you cannot taste or smell. Yes I am the dead queen, and the wicked queen, and the deer the huntsman kills, whose heart the queen eats, thinking it is Snow White’s. It is. It is mine.


Aimee Lowenstern is a twenty-two-year-old poet living in Nevada. She has cerebral palsy and is a big fan of glitter. Her work can be found in several journals, including Paragon Press and Synaesthesia Magazine.



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