The Collaborative Issue: Table of Contents

Editor’s Note Poetry
from Granta Hebrew
from Granta Hebrew
Conversations and Meditations
PROSE Ayala Ben Lulu (translated by Karen Marron) – Mona Lisa
POETRY Yonatan Berg (translated by Joanna Chen) – Shai Agnon
POETRY Eli Eliahu (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Simple Thing
POETRY Ori Ferster (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Rivka Speaks
POETRY Salih Habib (translated by Christine Khoury Bishara) – And I Begin to Confess!
POETRY Amira Hess (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Untitled
POETRY Eli Hirsh (translated by Lisa Katz) – Yona’s Arm
PROSE Sheikha Hussein Hlewa (translated by Aisha Yassin) – The Braid
POETRY Alma Katz (translated by Linda Zisquit) – I Didn’t Know It Was Possible to Lose the Language
PROSE Tal Nitzan (translated by Ilana Kurshan) – Vertigo of the Blood
PROSE Dael Rodrigues Garcia (translated by Mitch Ginsburg) – In Heart and In Arms
POETRY Liat Rosenblatt (translated by Jane Medved) – The Children I Will Never Have
PROSE Amalia Rosenblum – Folie à Deux
POETRY Tuvia Ruebner (translated by Lisa Katz) – Two, In Secret
POETRY Shai Schneider-Eilat (translated by Jane Medved) – Frisbee
PROSE Nano Shabtai (translated by Maya Klein) – Corn
POETRY Shira Stav (translated by Adriana X. Jacobs) – Sea § Biotope
POETRY Dareen Tatour (translated by Christine Khoury Bishara) – I Am the One Who’s Free
PROSE Ayelet Tsabari (translated by Janice Weizman & Ayelet Tsabari) – Barefoot and Enlightened
POETRY Anat Zecharia (translated by Lisa Katz & Maayan Eitan) – One, Two, Three
ESSAY Dory Manor (translated by Mitch Ginsburg) – The Language Beneath the Skin
INTERVIEW Robert Alter in Conversation with Marcela Sulak
INTERVIEW Peter Cole in Conversation with Annie Kantar
INTERVIEW Deborah Harris, Literary Agent, Interviewed by Jane Medved
INTERVIEW Mira Rashty, Editor of Granta Hebrew, Interviewed by Janice Weizman