The Collaborative Issue: Poetry from Granta Hebrew

Editor’s Note Poetry
from Granta Hebrew
from Granta Hebrew
Conversations and Meditations
POETRY Yonatan Berg (translated by Joanna Chen) – Shai Agnon
POETRY Eli Eliahu (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Simple Thing
POETRY Ori Ferster (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Rivka Speaks
POETRY Salih Habib (translated by Christine Khoury Bishara) – And I Begin to Confess!
POETRY Amira Hess (translated by Marcela Sulak) – Untitled
POETRY Eli Hirsh (translated by Lisa Katz) – Yona’s Arm
POETRY Alma Katz (translated by Linda Zisquit) – I Didn’t Know It Was Possible to Lose the Language
POETRY Liat Rosenblatt (translated by Jane Medved) – The Children I Will Never Have
POETRY Tuvia Ruebner (translated by Lisa Katz) – Two, In Secret
POETRY Shai Schneider-Eilat (translated by Jane Medved) – Frisbee
POETRY Shira Stav (translated by Adriana X. Jacobs) – Sea § Biotope
POETRY Dareen Tatour (translated by Christine Khoury Bishara) – I Am the One Who’s Free
POETRY Anat Zecharia (translated by Lisa Katz & Maayan Eitan) – One, Two, Three