Crisis – Table of Contents

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POETRY Roy Chicky Arad (translated by Yavni Bar-Yam) – The Anteaters
POETRY Jason Arment – We Have the Watches
POETRY Robyn Art – The Thing About Flight § Tired Mountain Syndrome
NONFICTION Matthew James Babcock – Subtitles: 50
POETRY Daisy Bassen – Tansy
TEXT-BASED-ART Amy Bassin and Mark Blickley – Sound of Silent
POETRY Michele Battiste – The Complications
POETRY Yakir Ben-Moshe (translated by Joanna Chen) – All Our Planes
POETRY Julia Bouwsma – Full Moon, New Year § Blood and Soil § Post-Apocalyptic
GRAPHICS Roger Camp – Rebellion Can Kill You
POETRY Ron Dahan (translated by Nadavi Noked) – From Bankruptcy
POETRY Jonathan Dubow – Chance meeting with my primitive ancestor § The cup, bound by caterpillar silk, hangs in the fork between two worlds
POETRY Clair Dunlap – Meditation on my catastrophic progression memorialized in bull kelp
GRAPHICS/POETRY John Elkerr and Stephen Eric Berry – Three Broadsides
POETRY Monique Gagnon German – The Other Side
GRAPHICS/CNF Chris Gavaler – Expected Outcomes
NONFICTION Asya Graf – Harmony Fire
POETRY Sharron Hass (translated by Tsipi Keller) – On the Day of the Blood § Unveiling the Metaphor § *
NONFICTION Michele Finn Johnson – Cleaning Up
POETRY Stacy Kidd – (a)•— § (e) •
NONFICTION Randilee Sequeira Larson – Eigengrau
POETRY Agnes Hanying Ong – mono no ah-wah-reh
POETRY Danielle Pafunda – Free salmacis from bodies not hers…
POETRY Ester Naomi Perquin (translated by Tinka Shaoul) – Frederik C.
POETRY Trevor Plate – Snake Boy § 100 Hundred Years of Dirt
POETRY Shelley Puhak – Portrait of the Dear Leader as an eight-year-old at the neighborhood picnic § The Twentieth Century writes a cento
POETRY Andrea Read – Famine Road
POETRY henry 7. reneau, jr. – The Saga of the Exit Wound
POETRY Yudit Shahar (translated by Aviya Kushner) – Chinese Sparrows § Bread
POETRY Anis Shivani – Lyric/Resistance
POETRY Danae Sioziou (translated by Panagiotis Kechagias and Mania Meziti) – The Spider
POETRY Sherre Vernon – The Hanged Man
GRAPHICS Sarah Yun – Devour
NONFICTION Sepideh Zamani – The Bronze Statue
Q&A Question and Answer: Theodoros Chiotis, with Adriana X. Jacobs