Want: Table of Contents


Editor’s Note Poetry Micros CNF Art Round Table In Memoriam


In Memoriam: Ester Karen Aida (1967-2022)
POETRY Valerie Bacharach – Birthday Portrait, Son
MICROFIC Elizabeth Bruce – Who Knew?
MICROFIC Victoria Buitron – A Man I Used to Know
POETRY Dorothy Chan – Two Poems
POETRY Allisa Cherry– Forensic Ornithology
POETRY Martha Collins – Sleeping In
POETRY Gilles Corrozet (trans. Catherine Rockwood) – Want
POETRY Adam Day – Three Poems
POETRY Kendra DeColo – Four Poems
POETRY Tove Ditlevsen (trans. Michael Favala Goldman & Cynthia Graae) – Two Poems
POETRY Frankie Drayus – Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia)
PHOTO Hugh Findlay – Sweet Boots
MICROFIC Jeff Friedman – Another Memory Gone
POETRY Jessica Goodfellow – Pent
POETRY Batnadiv HaKarmi – R. Shimon Contemplates Bird Hunting
MICROFIC Soramimi Hanarejima – Good Company
POETRY Gwen Hart – Two Poems
MICROFIC Candace Hartsuyker – The Women Who Love Him Go to the Aquarium Every Day
POETRY Eva Heisler – Two Poems
POETRY Jose Hernandez Diaz – Meeting Pancho Villa at a Park on the Southeast Side
POETRY Muhammad ibn Dāniyāl (trans. Alex de Voogt) – And I Loved the Boys
POETRY Melissa Fite Johnson – Two Poems
POETRY Hyejung Kook – Aubade with Bread and Water
POETRY Karen An-hwei Lee – Three Poems
MICROFIC Lorette C. Luzajic – The Rope Artist
POETRY Stefan Manasia (trans. Clara Burghelea) – Plateau
MICROFIC Andrea Marcusa – Sea Nymphs
CNF Gabe Montesanti – The Buzz of Prison Lights
MICROFIC Shareen K. Murayama – Little Deaths in the Kitchen
MICROFIC Theresa Coty O’Neil – Clowncoming
CNF Sarah Pazur – Escaping to Old Vegas
POETRY Emily Pérez – Two Poems
CNF Kimberly Ramos – Pagkain
POETRY Seth Rosenbloom – There it is again
POETRY Janice Lobo Sapigao – Two Poems
POETRY Sara Moore Wagner – Two Poems
POETRY Cassandra Whitaker – Two Poems
POETRY Xiadi Zhai – Black Sea Flood
In the Wake of the Overturning of Roe v. Wade: A Round Table with Pichchenda Bao, Hyejung Kook, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, and Marcela Sulak