Poetry – The Men Issue

Editor’s Note Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry Interview Cover Art
POETRY Logan Bailey – In hours of fever
POETRY C. Wade Bentley – Fields, ca. 1968
POETRY Roy Bentley – Borne Aloft or Sinking as the Light Wind Lives or Dies
POETRY Kazumi Chin – Kazumi as Sailor Moon
POETRY Iris Eliyah Cohen (trans. Yardenne Greenspan) – Black List § Luck
POETRY Ab Davis – From the Plains: The Son
POETRY Holly Day – Jason
POETRY Diana Marie Delgado – Wolf
POETRY Ralph Hamilton – Idée Fixe § Soft Blue Gown
POETRY Mark Hart – Pyrophilia
POETRY Shrode Heil – Multiple Choice
POETRY Michael Hettich – Bones and Shadows
POETRY B.B.P. Hosmillo – Pleasure between Men
POETRY M. O. Mc – Metamorphosis
POETRY Jed Myers – Blue Light
POETRY Simon Perchik – *
POETRY Ravi Shankar – The Song of Questions and Answers (co-translation of Andal with Priya Sarukkai Chabria) § Ghazal Deconstructed
POETRY Martha Silano – Distressed Boyfriend Khakis
POETRY Ira Sukrungruang – Let the Light Shed Dark and the Dark Be Still
POETRY Seree Zohar – Hey. Oh. Oh. Oh, you’re not…

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