Hey. Oh. Oh. Oh, you’re not…

Seree Zohar


You fill the air with your endless dung-steam words –

you must; you will; now; soon; never –


do you hear you?

Hereandnow reproaches, prankstering

excuses, gowiththeflow stipulations,

and then the cherry: slick wink&smile.



you fill the air with your youness,

fitasafiddle, fullheadofhair, allyourownteeth,

oh go on, no-one’d give you adayoverfifty


in your armchair, slippers and kneewarmer;

here’s your coffee cup launched

into slow motion, abrupt

crush of newspaper, one hand clutching

your cravat, the other scrabbling

at your chest,

and your keel-over theatric.

You make me freeze.

Make my reflexes jump.

Always do. Your pranks turn me


into a cliché.

So why, this time, though we live

in the mountains, do my eyelashes

seem to be splattering seaspray?



Seree Zohar headshotSeree Zohar’s art, poetry and flash fiction are influenced by the landscapes of Australia, and by two decades of farming in Israel. Seree, mother of four, currently lives in Jerusalem; lectures in Europe on Biblical texts with focus on the intersection of literal and esoteric in Genesis; and collaborated with Alan Sullivan on Psalms-of-King-David, a recently published new versified translation. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in diverse print and online venues. A favorite hobby is foisting flash-recipes on her unsuspecting family.



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