Fields, ca. 1968

C. Wade Bentley

there are no houses in these fields yet

just hoary cress white tops curly cup

gumweed dumped roof shingles and jack-

hammered concrete but mostly knee-high

grass so that a boy as he kicks along gathers

seeds in the cuffs of his pants burdock

burs in his socks yellow and red winged

grasshoppers leap out ahead rasping clicking

alighting on milkweed leaves along the fence

now nearing the other side the broken brown

glass of Coors bottles catches the sun and here

cached between rocks two pages of faded

porn he stashes in his pocket for later

next to the ten dollars of his two-week pay

one of which he will slap down on the counter

for a hamburger fries and strawberry shake

hell make it two barkeep he says when sixth-grade

Evelyn walks in hot and sweet as a summer day



C. Wade Bentley - headshotC. Wade Bentley lives, teaches, and writes in Salt Lake City. His poems have appeared in Green Mountains Review, Cimarron Review, Best New Poets, and Western Humanities Review, among others. A full-length collection of his poems, What Is Mine, was published by Aldrich Press in early 2015.




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