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POETRY Linette Marie Allen – Two Poems
POETRY David Anuar (translated by Susan Ayres) – After the Seventh Day, Paradise
POETRY Ifeoluwa Ayandele – Ghost & the Clothesline
POETRY Nicole Callihan – From Leeore and I
POETRY Dorothy Chan – Two Poems
POETRY Julie Choffel – No Such Thing
POETRY Grant Clauser – Terrible Music
POETRY Brian Clifton – American Darkness
POETRY Craig Finlay – Five home remedies
POETRY Laura Hoffman – why are you single?
POETRY Brent House – Sonnet of Photosynthesis
POETRY Charles Kell – Amerika
POETRY Imran Boe Khan – Hermitage
POETRY Kent Leatham – Twenty Bushels of Peaches & Seven Teeth
POETRY Douglas Luman – Two Poems from Prodigy House
POETRY Yehoshua November – Always, There Is the Text
POETRY Mobolaji Olowale – I Am Working for You
POETRY Alison Pelegrin – Mysterium Tremendum: YMCA
POETRY Martha Silano – Leading a Nature Walk on 23rd & Yesler
POETRY Amy Small-McKinney – Two Poems
POETRY Haolun Xu – Resignation of a Photographer