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FLASH Elaine Chiew – To the East of Me Is the West of You
FLASH Leonora Desar – In this fantasy I am always watching Saturday morning cartoons
FLASH Frances Gapper – My Royal Visitors
LONG-FIC Anita Goveas – Bit Parts
FLASH Marie Hoy-Kenny – Dying Things
FLASH Wynne Hungerford – “Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson
FLASH Kathryn Kulpa – Upstairs, Downstairs
FLASH Jeff Landon – Eggs, Peace, Harmony
FLASH Andrea Marcusa – Chips
FLASH Kathleen McGookey – Three Postcards
FLASH Kelsey Montague – How to Get the Pennies Back
LONG-FIC Or Mor-Yosef – The Chosen
FLASH Aimee Parkison – Whisper Flowers
FLASH Harrison Pyros – Temporary Beach House
FLASH Angela Readman – Anyone Could Have a Godzilla