Table of Contents – The Fiction Only Issue

Editor’s Note Long Flash Interview
LONG Michael Anthony – Shards
LONG Benjamin Balint – Jerusalem Noir: The Case of Raz Suriel
FLASH Michael Bendzela – Three Parables from Fly Speck Farm
FLASH Kierstin Bridger – Traders
LONG Benjamin Fishbein & Daniel Stieglitz – Ashes to Ashes
LONG Victoria Fortune – Bitter Remedies
LONG Sari Friedman – Journey to “Meh”
FLASH Avital Gad-Cykman – Other Directions but the Top
LONG Clare Goulet – Crane Path
FLASH Melanie Haney – Sun
LONG Bari Lynn Hein – Too Polite
LONG Benjamin Inks – Words You Leave Behind
LONG A.C. Koch – Firing Jennifer Johnson
FLASH Cara Lang – The Electra-Adjacent Ballroom
FLASH Annie C. Faber – 350 mg Infliximab, February 8th, 1:35 PM
FLASH Kilmeny MacMichael – On the Rocks
LONG John Magee – The Allure of the Spa Lobby
FLASH June Melby – The Story of the Tree Bark
LONG Martha Mendelsohn – Choose Your Own Adventure
FLASH Janika Oza – Aya (Here), Tya (There)
LONG John Saul – Gravel and Dust
FLASH Tiffany Quay Tyson – The Neighbors Want to Know Our Secret
LONG James Ulmer – Juliet Descending
FLASH Daniel Uncapher – Plato in the Present Tense
INTERVIEW Mary Morris, Interviewed by Douglas Silver