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Featuring Yehoshua November; Edmée Lepercq; Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach; Alexis Macnab; Robert Detman; Annie Marhefka; Overcomer Ibiteye; and Jenny Browne

May 1, 2022

Angela Joynes: “The Sea Apprenticed the Woman in Me”

Microfiction, first featured May 3, 2022

Annie Marhefka: “Flying into Chicago at Sunset”

CNF, first featured May 8, 2022

Cheryl Snell: “Worn”

Microfiction, first featured May 9, 2022

Yan An, trans. Chen Du & Xisheng Chen: Two Poems

Poetry, first featured May 10, 2022. Read by Chen Du

Yehoshua November: “The Infinitely Tall Rabbi Lectures on Recreation Ex Nihilo Via Divine Speech”

Poetry, first featured May 11, 2022

Sarah Sassoon: “Once There Was a Babylonian Village”

CNF, first featured May 12, 2022

Martha Silano: “Nature Never Needs Recharging”

Poetry, first featured May 13, 2022

Rube K’ulej, trans. Kiran Bhat: TSEB

Poetry, first featured May 15, 2022. Read by Kiran Bhat

Ryan Clark: “A Slab Is Confidential”

Poetry, first featured May 22, 2022.

Alexis Macnab: “Daily Forecast: Mistpouffer”

CNF, first featured June 6, 2022.

Katie Coleman: “Malediction”

Fiction, first featured June 7, 2022.

RJ Lambert: “Nostradamus in the Original French”

Poetry, first featured June 15, 2022.

Eleri Denham: “when you are trapped in the neon city”

Fiction, first featured June 16, 2022.

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