Delight: Poetry

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POETRY Steve Abbott – It Was Summer, in the Mini-Mart
POETRY Asma Al-Masyabi – Lahouh
POETRY Janine Certo – Two Poems
POETRY Natalee Cruz – The Theme Was Opulence: Notes from a Party on 3/7/20
POETRY John Davis – Inheritance
POETRY Leanne Dunic – Hyacinth
POETRY Israel Eliraz (translated by Liat Simon) – Two Poems
POETRY Hiba Ghannam – Arabic Kitchen Ruleset for Dummies
POETRY Eugene Goldin – the secret of Anthony’s great cooking
POETRY Joshua Gottlieb-Miller – When a Cloud Is Not an Orange
VISUAL-POETRY Reyila Hadeer – Delight in Forgotten Corners
POETRY Ching-wen Kao – Translations of Poetry by Ka-shiang Liu § Wen-yu Chiang
POETRY Jessica Mehta – Two Poems
POETRY Soonest Nathaniel – The basket weaver
POETRY Ricardo Pau-Llosa – Two Poems
POETRY Xavier Reyna – The Shack by the Firework Stand, The Shack by the Sunflowers
VISUAL-POETRY Katrina Roberts – Four Visual Poems
POETRY Garrett Stack – Hoya, she says
POETRY Tara Tulshyan – A Baker’s Wife
POETRY Alice Turski – My Folks in Autumn
POETRY Constance von Igel de Mello – I, II, III
POETRY Karolina Zapal – Cloud 8
FOLIO Linda Zisquit: Poetry Translation Folio – Nadia Adina Rose § Hedva Harechavi § Susan Afterman