My Folks in Autumn

Alice Turski


everyone knows when it’s pumpkin time—–but me

and mineimagine homely—–innards tinged——blue-grey

and all the days—-as if someone has forgotten protective

plastic is meantto be peeled——I did meanto say someone——-it wasn’t me

you can still——-visit us—–and forewarned——–our lights

shut off and in our keep:a smelling for turning you golden, you

demise of splendiferous———–fog slunking over———-for petting

believing hands:—–I don’t know—–about you, but I welcome

the cover we’ve been left to——twilight——–eucalyptus litter—–bed of ball

cacti——there wasn’t always so much of me;——-I meant

twilight when I saidplastic———so much—–laughing this past summer

like that painful joke—-if you haven’t seen a pomelo you’re in

for a treat orscare—-just one family we are———-little connivance

left for an insult—–to be let gone,——swept for shared bread,

gluttonous sponge you called me——with a dabbing ofbubbles, this

that time of year again if you do—-decide to come over———put your hat on

the HEPA filter by the front door——–brush the ashfrom your coat

like it’s dust—–it is—–we will be sweepingafteryour departure————outside

it is raging————-please track no mud inside—-only, please

cover my mouth—-if I talk——in one—-unbecoming language———I’ve been put

here—–to translate——-brrrrrrrr——-whatam Isaying————–oh

dear————-I’ve spilled on you


Alice Turski grew up in Houston, Texas and received her MFA from Cornell University, where she now teaches creative writing and literature. Alice’s poems have been published or are forthcoming in places such as Verse Daily, PRISM, The Greensboro Review, and Copper Nickel.


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