Asma Al-Masyabi


my father

is cooking





pressing down

on the pan’s lid,

the condensation

slowly beading

on the glass,

we wait

for the batter

to turn

to bread


he leans over

lifts it up

releasing the steam,

a wave of warm air

in his face



slides the lahouh

onto the plate

and tells me a story


of him



with his father

and how they traveled

to hudadayda

every month

every few months


how they would go

by car


by plane


and how,

when they flew

into the city

by the red sea,

in the country

my father was born in


the doors

would open

to the heat

of a desert

by an ocean


and the humid,

warm air

would overwhelm him


cooking lahouh

reminds me of that,

he tells me,

already leaning over,

batter poured,


for the next piece

of bread


Asma Al-Masyabi is a high school student in Colorado, dreaming big dreams and reading good books. She has been previously published in Girls Right the World, Navigating the Maze, and the Riza Press Journal.




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