The Shack by the Firework Stand, The Shack by the Sunflowers

Xavier Reyna


Maroon decor dances on the wall,
action figures fight in the well.

Flowers flower
on the bank of the acre.
Pollution pollinates
as the hens lay their eggs.

Maroon decor watches over
the kitchen sink crumbs
and bedroom asbestos.

Willows willow willow
from bright jade to mellow gray,
a stain on mulch
a grave grave.
They take a nap then sprout again.

Maroon decor behind stained glass
prevents wood scorching
when the air conditioner breaks.

Rain rains
through the shack
and down the well.
Save the kittens
from the thunderstorm.

Sunflowers bloom with
maroon decor.


Xavier Reyna is a poet from the Rio Grande Valley.


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