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Editor’s Note Poetry Fiction Nonfiction Graphics Interview
GRAPHICS Michael Chaney – Thoreau’s Pumpkin(s)
GRAPHICS Kelcey Parker Ervick – It Was Not Love: Four Stories
GRAPHICS Ed Epping – No One Bears Witness to the Witness
GRAPHICS Paul Flippen – From 36days § Paintings
GRAPHICS Omer Friedlander – A Family History of Hair
GRAPHICS Stefano Grilli – Alboino
GRAPHICS Lauren Haldeman – Liberal, Kansas (Written by Jesse Nathan) § Making a Baby
GRAPHICS Regina Jean – Uncrowned Queens
GRAPHICS Gene Luetkemeyer – North One 11A: Portrait Of A Prison Cell
GRAPHICS Zhimin Liu – Chinese Ink Paintings
GRAPHICS Alex Nodopaka – The Lost XIth Commandment
GRAPHICS Peter O’Brien – Come Into the Pictures: A Graphic Reconfiguring of Finnegans Wake
GRAPHICS Ashley Parker Owens – Dog
GRAPHICS Katrina Roberts – Poetry Comics
GRAPHICS Seigar – My Plastic People
GRAPHICS George L. Stein – Faux News
GRAPHICS Corinne Teed – The Lodge
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