My Plastic People



Cuentos de una Ciudad II (84)

Cuentos de una Ciudad II (100)

Deconstrumption: Revolution of Love VII

Artist’s Statement: My Plastic People. This set belongs to my most personal and ambitious project so far. I try to give dignity and humanity to the plastic people all around the world. As a street and travel photographer, I have had the chance to take photos of shop windows in many cities, and there I have found the inspiration for these images. They tell me tales and stories about life. They always show me their human substance. Every photo creates a fantasy. Their faces, looks, eyes, clothes, shadows, and reflections portray them as the modern society.

Seigar is an English philologist, a highschool teacher, and a photographer. His projects include “Plastic People” that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins in the shop windows all over the world, “Response to Ceal Floyer for the Summer Exhibition,” a conceptual work that understands art as a form of communication, and “Tales of a City,” an ongoing series taken in London. He has participated in several exhibitions, and his works have also been featured in international publications.


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