The Lodge

Corinne Teed

Artist’s Statement: Through printmaking, installation, time-based media and participatory projects, my work interweaves queer and ecological dialogues to re-examine social and environmental histories. I stage inter-species exchanges in order to interrupt, disassemble and then build anew ideas of humanness, queerness and animality. In “The Lodge”, queer wrestlers inhabit a beaver lodge to suggest potential cross-species alliances – allegiances that may lead to liberation from oppressive codes of heteronormative society.


Corinne Teed is a research-based, multimedia artist working in printmaking, installation, time-based media and social practice. Her interests include queer theory, ecology, critical animal studies and settler colonialism. She has attended residencies at ACRE, Signal Fire and Virginia Center for Creative Arts, while her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. Teed is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Reproducible Media at Oberlin College.


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