Sentences – Table of Contents

Ruth Abraham – If

Sean Balogh – Solstice

Jayne Benjulian Sister § Peace’s Farm

Roy Bentley – 2808 Comanche Drive, Kettering, Ohio

Joanna Chen – Word Games

Elaine Chiew – We Discover the Secret to Happiness

Sara Crowley Immolare

Courtney Druz – Wallace and the Carpenter

Brad Garber – Disclaimer § Listening to Brazilian Beat

Collin Garrity – January Index Cards

Benjamin Goluboff – Dr. Sheldon’s Photographs: An Elegy

Nels Hanson – Good News at Sunset

Michael Hettich – Dust Train

Sarah Hilary – Forty-eight faces

Sabine Huynh – Holding the Empty Mirror

Aby Kaupang & Matthew Cooperman – (NOS) / Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified

Richard King Perkins II – Caramel of Night

Michael P. Kramer – What I Think About When I Think About Creative Non-Fiction

Jessica Lakritz – Home Remedies

Connie A. Lopez-Hood – MONDAY MORNING NEWS § re : presentations

Geoffrey Miller – Something Inside

Dairena Ní Chinnéide – Off Day

Nuala Ní Chonchúir – Perplexed in Arcadia

Valerie O’Riordan – The Monkeys in Love Will Pet and Cuddle You

Jonathan Pinnock – Oddly Enough, It Wasn’t About Larry Walters at All

Liza Porter – The Corvair Yard § Hejira del Bac

Khadijah Queen – ___________ a dozen craft vignettes

Alicia Jo Rabins – How to Sail § Long Division

Angela Readman – Caution: Do Not Read the Signs

Gabriella T. Rieger –  The EMTs

Steven Salmoni – from A Day of Glass

Anthony Santulli – 72 Inches

Shelby Stephenson – Chapter 17  (from Country)

Robert Vivian – Beautiful Bird        

Monica Wendel – Have you ever forged your own signature?

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