Connie A. Lopez-Hood



re : presentations

this is not a tit for tat            where a woman in power means that she is
gods are to devils      an asylum in a same space  an aura is to a pair of horns
a same fall

a stone still mosses               too, the hills in a distance lethargy green
and we are all re
presentations of each other
look how the aged sky chokes         like purpling skin
like brittling straw hair

the world enabled by the very un   alike    metaphors
we point to     we name
the dash inside my car                     stretches                    a hyphenate
leather bag        a dry patch of farmer         like a soot floor of m-
dash slash      and burn

re     presentations
a response to a call  a phone and a headline is to
the laze of a patina lock        a megaphone copper screech
a rust cell warbling bird


Connie A. Lopez-Hood is Editor & Co-Founder of Shuf Poetry and has also served as Editor for both the Pacific Review and Ghost Town Literary Journal. She spear-headed and edited the chapbook anthology, Blankets & Other Poems: Poetry for the People of Japan, in which all proceeds were donated to Red Cross Japan Relief. Her work has appeared in The Newer York, Apercus, Gaga Stigmata, Our Stories Literary Journal, Polari Journal, Lingerpost, Subliminal Interiors, and others. She holds an MFA in Poetry and is obsessed with collaborative projects. She lives, writes, and breathes poetry in the Southern California mountains with her poet-spouse, two artsy step-kids, and three wily rescue dogs.