Caramel of Night

Richard King Perkins II

Tell me about that night; when you at last discovered
that I must be a phantom thought. No? Then recount for
me how it was revealed to you that heaven is no simple
dreamland. And what about the time old man Snooks
gave you a jar of safety pins and you fool-laughed while
tumbling over hills that truly seemed to care. How next
you were made sadder than a cricket— that when Mr. Benton
found you singing to yourself in the woods, he tucked you
under his arm and once safely in his cabin, gave you
hot chocolate to drink and peanut brittle to eat. A casual
indulgence. Tell me the story of that sweetness and if it is
only the caramel of that night still sealing your mouth so tightly.

Richard King Perkins II is a state-sponsored advocate for residents in long-term care facilities. He has  a wife, Vickie, and a daughter, Sage. His work has appeared in hundreds of publications including Prime Mincer, Sheepshead Review, Sierra Nevada Review, Fox Cry, Two Thirds North and The Red Cedar Review. He has work forthcoming in Bluestem, Poetry Salzburg Review and The William and Mary Review.