Foreign Bodies – Table of Contents

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Kim Roberts
The Vital Force

Erika Meitner
By Other Means
You return the Torah to the ark

Monica Wendel
Brooklyn Triangle

Annie Jacobs

Diane Wakoski
Asking The Pizza Boy To Share A Cup of Gunpowder Tea

Simon Perchik
Blurred yet something with wings
It’s a meal, your elbows

Marguerite Scott
Milky Way

Colleen Michaels
Snapdragon, Bachelor Button, Sweet Pea

Linda Aldrich
The Disappearance of Mademoiselle

Barry Seiler
Men of Old Europe

Barrett Warner

Nick Norwood
A Member of the Donner Party Considers the Works of Berkeley and Hume

Robyn Art
Amplitude, Awe

Kathleen Hellen
The Tunnel

Jina Ortiz
Señor Solomon
The Birth of Sepharad

Brandel France de Bravo
The Queen of Hearts

Gianna Russo
Paradelle For Late Night Jazz

Giorgia Sage
pressing outwards, towards some kind of

Joanna Chen
In Which She Dreams of Fame
The Plot

Christine Guarino
A Side of Beef

Robert W. King
Drinking Tu Fu

In Memoriam: Andrea Moriah  (1951–2012)
For Nicanor Parra
Bass Fishing
Child Mummies of the Andes
For a While There

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Creative Non-Fiction

Jennifer Bartlett
My Body is (the) Marginalia; The Sun Drawn a Saw Across the Strings

Taryn Korb
White Bred

Joanne Jacobson
The Brain Has Its Secrets

Abby Frucht

Arielle Bernstein
Marks of Civilization

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Tamar Perla

Judy Labensohn

Madeleine Beckman
Black Tears

Jo McKendry

Mara Grayson

Andie Bregman
Him and Her: A Love Story Over Three Seasons

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Graphic Non-Fiction

Miriam Libicki


Annie Kantar Interviews Joy Ladin

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