Sacred Words – Table of Contents

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Jean-Marie Saporito – Lucky/Unlucky

John Vanderslice – Sacrament

Yael Unterman – Ged and God

Vic Sizemore – Karma, Dharma, Freedom, Fate

Nina Badzin – For the Love of Bubbie Fay

Alex DeBonis – Serve and Protect

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Bob Kunzinger – I Knew Two Men

Akin Ajayi D is for Dictionary

Batnadiv HaKarmi – Open the Ruins

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Sandra Kohler – Ab Ovo

Jacqueline Kolosov – In the Dream, Another Kind of Wisdom Prevails

Nadav Linial (trans. Joanna Chen) – Articulation: A Postcard to Walt Whitman

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Elizabeth Poliner – The Bishop’s Garden

Sam Taylor – Salamandrine  §  The Last Sun Dance

Michelle Peñaloza – Case Study: Grief

Tim Bascom – Illumination

Erin Gilbert – Anemone

Anzhelina Polonskaya (trans. Andrew Wachtel) – Still Life with Potato Field

Orit Gidali (trans. Marcela Sulak) – We could have lived so well, you say, and gaze at her, still pretty

Yoel Hoffmann (trans. Slava Bart) – from How Do You Do, Dolores?

Terri Witek – By Daytime, the Search  §  Practice Run 2

David Ebenbach – Beauty Studies

Nancy Naomi Carlson – Shady Grove

René Char (trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson) – Observers and Dreamers

Sarah Kai Neal – The way a body starving will eat its own   §  Twenty Questions

Sarah Winn – Mandala

Matthew Landrum – Saint Christopher in the Copenhagen Metro

Willa Carroll –My Father’s Church

Jayne Benjulian – Kaddish

Paul Many – Love Letter

Ellen Wright – Prayer for a Ripple Effect

Andrew West  – IMG_0474.JPG

Savannah Thorne – Dare

John McKernan – Alphabets

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Rachel Kadish, interviewed by Janice Weizman

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Multiple Contributors

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