Conflict – Table of Contents


Editor’s Note
POETRY Robyn Art – Bust Moment
POETRY Leora Bard – The Shiva That Lasted An Hour § Unlearning
POETRY&ART Tony Barnstone & Amin Mansouri – Insects and Cigarettes: from Pulp Sonnets
NONFICTION John C. Cannon – To Do, To Have Done
FICTION Joshua Davidovich – The Road to the End of the World
POETRY Melissa Dickey – From “Daybook”
POETRY Anton Frost – Sticky Floor
POETRY Joshua Gottlieb-Miller – The Hunger Temples § Fiction
POETRY Miriam Green – Undressing a Woman Is Like Peeling Garlic
FICTION Carol Guess & Kelly Magee – Damage Control
POETRY Patrick Hansel – Baptizing a Dying Man § Falling
POETRY Shlomi Hatuka (trans. Maya Klein) – Open Letter to a Small Town Boy
POETRY Rachel Heimowitz – Separation
FICTION Bracha Hermon – What I Know About Being Biracial
FICTION Eve Horowitz – Survivor
LYRIC-ESSAY Sabine Huynh – Post-War Letters to My Grandmother
POETRY Michael Lavers – Insomniac Tweets
POETRY El Habib Louai – The Borders of the Most Beautiful Empire
NONFICTION Sherri Mandell – The Wadi
POETRY Jake Marmer – Poddavki § Concept Score #17
FICTION Orla McAlinden – The Visit
POETRY E. Ethelbert Miller – Writing Has Nothing to Do With Love
FICTION Khethiwe Mndawe – The Green Thief
POETRY Jed Myers – That Long Moment
NONFICTION Erin Ollila – Impact
POETRY Simon Perchik – *
FICTION Michelle Richards – Seedling
POETRY Tadeusz Różewicz (trans. Anna Maria Nowak) – Ocalony / Saved
POETRY Jocelyn Sears – Walking Alone § A story in which neither of us is the hero
POETRY Abraham Sutzkever (trans. Maia Evrona) – Ever Since My Pious Mother Ate Earth on Yom Kippur § A Wedding in the Garden
POETRY Laura Wisniewski – My Father Saw
POETRY Marva Zohar – Cheese Factory § Times of Peace
INTERVIEW Assaf Gavron, Interviewed by Nadia Jacobson