Insomniac Tweets

Michael Lavers


oh god the crickets have started already what
now I refuse to be silent

I hear you @whycantisleep its always day here
say something funny Im boring myself

what a name @blueangel_14 say it outloud
and presto the world

some nights the pheasants are loud
@blueangel_14 some nights fog off the lake
some nights stars some nights no stars at all

tell me what u r like @blueangel_14 not like a
bird not like stars not like the sun not like me
well like me but more so

@whycantisleep i live in Delaware alone on a

@blueangel_14 wheres Delaware i googled it
it looks like paradise except smaller and farther away

@blueangel_14 i looked up and saw that you
looked like the moon then i looked at the
earth and u looked like that too

 @whycantisleep you want to find me I want to
be nothing and neither is possible

did you see me @blueangel_14 i was the 1
standing out on the pier counting fish as they
rose and guess what there were 14 were u
there to

how long will you hide from me
@blueangel_14 where u r where in heaven r

the moon is still the moon even without the
dogs howling

BetweenUsIsNothing but stars
@blueangel_14 and so many but these words
if they can’t reach you tell me then what can
they do whatcantheydo

@blueangel_14 everyones gone the moon
and the stars the wind swept them away &
now u r gone i am gone but night is still here

@blueangel_14 :-O

theirs a field of canola I can see now its

 “We live as if choosing between terrible
silence or signs from heaven that clutter the
air.” #quotesthatilike

 from my window blue-grey fields the slow-
moving river a cow’s silhouette a crooked
horizon maybe as it is i hope so in paradise




Michael Lavers’ poems have appeared in Smartish Pace, Arts & Letters, West Branch, 32 Poems, Queen’s Quarterly and elsewhere. He completed an MFA from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah.



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