Money: Table of Contents


Editor’s Note Poetry Very Short Prose Longer Prose Art


POETRY Haneen Abu Kheit – Her Late Rebellion
POETRY Ayelet Amittay – Utilities
POETRY Devon Balwit – Somewhere in a Bright Blue Bay
POETRY Simeon Berry – It was the class disasters I enjoyed the most
CNF Lydia C. Buchanan – Pretty Cheap
POETRY Stephanie Burt – Two Poems
POETRY Mathieu Cailler – Don’t Wait for Saturday
MICROFIC Joseph Celizic – Off I-75
NOVEL-EXCERPT Carla Du Pree – where we dwell
MICROFIC Gary Fincke – Two Micros
ART Paweł Grajnert – your turn
POETRY Anne Graue – It’s Not Your Fault
POETRY Kristen Hanlon – From Making ‘mericans
MICROFIC Pooja Joshi – A Wednesday in Dhaka
POETRY Abbie Kiefer – On Jeopardy!, You Can Only Ask Questions
MICROFIC Andrea Lynn Koohi – The Price of Parmesan
POETRY Robert Laidler – Two Poems
POETRY Susan L. Leary – Poem in which God or I Go Missing
POETRY Kathryn Levy – Two Poems
POETRY Peter Markus – What Was Never Ours to Take
POETRY James Miller – The Living Bark
POETRY Joshua Nguyen – 18th Century British Imperialism
POETRY Chelsie Blair Nunn – Two Poems
CNF Jeannine Ouellette – The Cost
MICROFIC Meg Pokrass – Two Micros
POETRY Vincent Antonio Rendoni – Fresas
POETRY Anna V. Q. Ross – Two Poems
CNF Rachel Shai – Jewish Gold
MICROFIC Marc Sheehan – The Coin-Operated Forest
POETRY SM Stubbs – Upstate
MICROFIC Félix Terrones (trans. Andrea Reece) – Dictatorship of the Proletariat
POETRY Cammy Thomas – A Pocket Introduction to My Father
POETRY Heather Warren-Crow – Automatic Teller, 2010
MICROCNF Patrizio Zurru (collaborative translation ed. Emanuele Pettener) – The Bum at the Bookstore