Rachel F. Wanetik


Why can’t we make babies like everyone else?

I went for all the tests, or so it seemed. So we tried IUI, twice, which sounds like “eeeww” if you don’t pronounce each letter. (If you do, it’s

And it worked! Sort of. I was a little bit pregnant. An EP. Now what? Another test, invasive as the last. The HSG.

These acronyms fall under the umbrella term ART.
So creative, us humans; but hardly Creators.

In the waiting area at the clinic.
OMG. I know her. We’re both waiting for our turns for U/S and BW. Awkward eye contact. Strained conversation. GL.

The doctor suggests fast forwarding to IVF and he’ll try ICSI. “Iksy?”
After each procedure, it’s the 2WW.
Why can’t we find out like everyone else?
Ever hoping to POAS for the two blue lines; the BFP.


Key terms:

trying to conceive
intrauterine insemination (AKA artificial insemination)
ectopic pregnancy
assisted reproductive technology
oh my G-d
good luck
in vitro fertilization
intracytoplasmic sperm injection
two week wait
pee on a stick (home pregnancy test)
big fat positive (positive pregnancy result)


Rachel F. Wanetik designs games, writes, and coordinates events. She is ISO others who will briskly walk those paths with her; a programmer for starters, an editor, and event co-hosts.




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