About the Cover Art – Fiction Only

Front Cover: Tree of Life by TA Harrison

Cover design by Janice Weizman

TA Harrison is an aspiring writer and photographer from Seattle WA. His life has taken him all over the world and in front of a diversity of peoples. He intends his work to create empathy for the human condition, and to generate respect and love for our planet. His Instagram handle is headhunter_studio.



Back Cover: Tiger Lillies by Hope Kroll

From the Mixed Bouquet Collages series


Hope Kroll uses cuticle scissors to painstakingly dissect illustrations and diagrams from old medical texts, technical manuals, Audubon books, vintage photographs and encyclopedias to create elaborate and multi layered three-dimensional collages. Book covers or  antique blank paper from old books serve as the canvas for her collages. Her 3D technique adds additional drama and highlights the meticulous nature of her cuttings. Kroll attained her Bachelors of Fine Art from University of Illinois 1990 and received her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. Her collages been featured in various publications such as The Intricacies of the Heart and It’s Chambers: The Collage Art of Hope Kroll by Cecil Touchon, Masters Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists, by Randel Plowman, Vivande de Chavet curated by Stephan Blanquet and Anatomy Rocks: Flesh and Bones in Contemporary Art, by Rodolphe Lachat. Her collages have been acquired by The Nora Eccles Museum of Art, The California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, California and The International Museum of Collage and Assemblage, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Artist’s Note: About the Mixed Bouquet Collages series: Sourced from a 4-volume photographic atlas of skin diseases from 1905, I used afflicted torsos as vases displaying a variety of different themed flower bouquets. The flowers were all sourced from multiple editions of a vintage book on wildflowers and the background paper was taken from several oversized volumes of bound French magazines from WWI. My goal and inspiration for this series was to challenge myself to make these horrific and disturbing images more approachable, palatable and beautiful. For each bouquet I also strove to make a visual connection between the specific skin disease illustrated and the choice of color or plant type I selected to pair with it.


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