About the Cover Art – Crisis

Front Cover: Thimble by Pete Burkeet

Cover design by Anthony Michael Morena

Pete Burkeet is an artist who makes paintings and videos that explore the products of mediated social experiences including magical thinking, escapism, anxiety and neglect. His work has exhibited internationally with shows at festivals, museums, and galleries. He lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.



Artist’s Note: Growing up in the rust belt was a huge influence on my work. The adjacency of factories with nature, oil wells in constant motion, and the forest behind my childhood home littered with shotgun shells are the birthplace of my aesthetic. I am drawn to dynamic places, eccentric characters, and abnormal situations that embody modern psychoses like magical thinking and escapism.


Back Cover: Ora 10 by Ora Segalis


Ora Segalis was born in Jerusalem. She attended the School of Art, University of Washington, St. Louis, Parsons School of Art, New York, New School, New York, and Chicago Art Institute. Exhibitions of hers were presented in San Francisco, Basel, Miami, Melbourne, St. Louis, Chicago, Tel Aviv, New York and Ein Hod. Ora Segalis’ works appear in many private collections, including in Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Miami, Chicago, Great Britain, Belgium and Israel.

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