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Front Cover: Drying Kimonos by Willy Conley


Cover design by Anthony Michael Morena

Table of Contents: Mom and Pop Motel by Willy Conley

Artist’s Statement: As a Deaf writer-photographer, I am always exploring serendipitous ways to use art and writing to enrich and empower the Deaf experience as well as the human. Part of the Deaf experience is being visually attuned to one’s surroundings, and my tendency is to capture life’s minutiae with a camera or pen.

Willy Conley, a former medical photographer, is the author of “Photographic Memories,” “Plays of Our Own,” “The World of White Water,” “Listening Through the Bone,” “Visual-Gestural Communication,” and “The Deaf Heart.” Born profoundly deaf, Conley is a retired professor of theatre at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. For more info about his work, please visit:



Back Cover: 8 by Jason Bentsman


Jason Bentsman is a writer and fine art photographer. He’s been taking photos for many years, and started sharing them fairly recently. Works have appeared in F-STOPLens Culture Online, The Cardiff ReviewAmsterdam Quarterly, The American BystanderLitro Magazine UK, and various other publications worldwide. His poetic environmental bookThe Orgastic Future has been called ‘A 21st-century HOWL’ by A. Shoumatoff of The New Yorker & Vanity Fair. More info:



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