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Front Cover: Mop Study by Veronica Ceci

Cover design by Anthony Michael Morena

Veronica Ceci’s artwork reconfigures the viewers’ relationship to the human element of institutional cleanliness. The artist makes undervalued labor conspicuous through intense materiality, repetition, iconography and lived performance. Ceci’s pieces have been in numerous exhibitions including those at the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, The Tyler Museum of Art, and the International Print Center New York.


Back Cover: House Plans by C. R. Resetarits

C. R. Resetarits is a writer and visual artist. Her art and collages have appeared in dozens of literary magazines, including, of late, the covers of New Southern Fugitive, Midway, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Gasher, Sonder Review, Pretty Owl Poetry, Empty Mirror, and Nashville Review.



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