Cover Art – The Collaborative Issue

Front Cover by Hiba Ghannam

Hiba Ghannam is a 22 year old student in the Shaindy Rudoff graduate program. She grew up in Jatt; a small village in the Triangle area of Haifa District. She received her first degree in 2018 in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Beit-Berl College in Kfar Sava (where she was part of the Excellence program). One of her hobbies is creating video poetry. Since technology is an integral part of our daily lives, she integrates it in her writing as well. She has an interest in graphic design, and is willing to expand her knowledge in that field in the near future.

Artist’s Note: This photo was taken by me on a sunny June morning while I was on the bus somewhere near Nitzani Oz. The vacancy that was occupying the seats, and the field behind enchanted me. Therefore, I grabbed my phone and captured that moment. However, as soon as it turned into a stand-still piece, I decided against uploading it, on Instagram. I felt the urge to keep it inside my pocket, not exactly hidden, but saved, waiting to burst into life at some other occasion.