About the Cover Art – Delight

Front Cover: Dance Katrin at a Used Paper Warehouse by Christopher Paul Brown

Cover design by Anthony Michael Morena

Artist’s Statement: I was shooting with model Katrin Dohse when we stumbled upon the open doors of a cavernous warehouse holding piles of bundled, used paper.  It was attractive to me for the textures it offered and the fact that no one was around.  The space was lit by indirect sunlight coming in through loading docks and sparsely placed skylights.  I supplemented this light with a remote control radio flash.

The odor and sound of the place was unique. There was also the mild thrill of trespassing on an active business.  I trespass regularly, but usually on abandoned properties. This was an ongoing business, but then, who tries to steal giant bundles of dirty paper? If caught our story would be taken at face value. The space was unique on many fronts, which supported a playful shoot and playful post-production.


Christopher Paul Brown is known for his exploration of the unconscious and the serendipitous.  His first photography sale was to the Standard Oil Company of Indiana.  He was born in Dubuque, Iowa and now lives in North Carolina.  He earned a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago in 1980.



Back Cover: Just Rollin’ by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi

An academic physician, writer and amateur photographer, Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi has had his work awarded, published or upcoming in Light, Space and Time Gallery, Northwest Review, Fusion Art, Wanderlust Travel Journal and Tiny Seed Journal.  Born and raised in Cuba, he now resides in North Florida.


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