Masha Nova


Artist’s Statement: In her art, Masha Nova romanticises the female experience by portraying the intimate with what is considered ‘feminine’ hues, sometimes provoking the viewer to reaction by adding quotes or phrases. By abstracting the reality, she pushes one to witness current society in a different light.

Her recent collage work mainly has a focus on contrasting women and their characters. Masha frequently uses Barbie images to further mask the females in her artwork, as the doll is a perfect metaphor for an ‘I can do it all’ character. Her main media are vintage playboy magazines, fashion editorials and barbie catalogues along with her own photos made with a disposable camera to construct a desirable layout.

Her narrative is a direct reflection of the modern society witnessed mainly through pop culture and social media. These trigger a humorous scene with a satirical unfolding, that are honest and unfiltered.  The distorted Barbie image is complicated, strange, sometimes is serious at other times lacks depth. The doll is often deprived of an individual face, which makes her more relatable; she can be judged or laughed at without guilt. She is human but also imaginary. She is genderless, opinionated and truthful. Masha investigates feminism, sustainability and ongoing events in her collage work.

Her inspirations include artists like Lorna Simpson, Barbara Kruger and Hannah Höch.

Masha Nova was born in a small town called Sovetskiy in Siberia in 1992. She has done collaborations with musicians for album and song covers; worked with fashion brands like Ganor Dominic London and Portarte Milano; has frequently contributed images to visual communications for international companies like Espressoh and FemmeTV. Her collages have been featured in magazines like Murze, Osso, PSMagazin, Couturesque, Divide and Gasher Journal. Her latest achievement is to be among the finalists (2nd place winner) at the latest virtual exhibition “Rebirth” at the Holy Art Gallery (London). Masha’s latest work is currently on display at J.Mane Gallery at the virtual ‘Mind Body Spirit’ exhibition. Masha resides in between two cities: Milan and Riga.


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